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Trying to find a dentist in Cary NC if you need emergency dental services or are looking for a new dentist may be challenging. Getting a dental appointment quickly if you are not a patient of record may also be difficult. This if why if you are looking for a new dentist you should find one that offers emergency dental appointments and is flexible in their scheduling. Some dental offices allot appointment times daily or on appointed days to fit in their patient’s emergency needs. Finding a dental office that will work with you and your busy schedule to meet your dental needs is important. These are important questions to ask before you choose a new dentist along with asking how busy they are and how soon you can set a new appointment. Get to know these answers before you make a choice for a new dental office.

The three basic of types of dental appointments are routine cleaning and exams, restorative or cosmetic dental services and emergency dental care. Having routine dental cleanings and exams is the most basic of dental appointments and normally is set every six months. Dental appointments for routine cleaning and exams are often set when you are finished with your exam and slotted for a time in the future to meet your schedule. These appointments allow the most flexibility and can be reset easily if your appointment time does not work as you get closer to it. Restorative or cosmetic dental services are set in advance and on days that the dentist preforms these type of procedures. Most dental offices can offer various days of the week and different times of the day to schedule these services. If the dental procedure is not of the immediate need then you should have sufficient dental appointment options to fit your schedule. Emergency dental appointments are the most pressing of dental procedures and warrant attention as soon as possible. Some offices only offer emergency dental appointments to existing patients while offer these services to outside patients. Having available same day and or evening appointments will allow your emergency dental needs to be addressed.Privette_Dental_Office_Cary_NC.jpg

The Cary NC dental office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates offer emergency and same day dental appointments when available. We strive to meet the needs of our patients and be flexible in our scheduling of dental appointments. We have appointment slots available for emergency dental services for our patients. With our flexible scheduling we strive to provide same day appointments to emergency dental needs. The dental office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates offer Cary NC dental appointment to existing and new dental patients.


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