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A big part of your overall dental health is the use of dental x-rays to help identify problems with your teeth. Dental x-rays can assist dentists in finding issues with your teeth before they present visually or found as part of a dental exam. Dental images are normally taken every 6 to 12 months along with your routine dental exams and are a strong tool for your dentist keeping you cavity free and in good dental health. Younger patients have the need to have x-rays more often because of a higher risk of tooth decay from their diet and the development of their teeth. Older patients may have the need for dental x-rays to find hidden tooth decay that are not visible by a physical exam of the teeth.  Patients that have a higher level of cavities should also have dental images done more frequently to catch problems before they become more serious.035

Some of the types of dental problems that dental x-rays can identify are tooth decay under crowns, fillings and other restorative dental pieces. Cracks or damage to fillings and tooth decay under a tooth filling can be found with dental x-rays. For younger patients the use of dental images help to track the development and growth of their teeth. Teeth that are impacted and not growing out properly can be found and a course of action can be planned. They also help with the need for possible braces for the dental patient. Wisdom teeth can be seen with dental images and may need to be scheduled for removal or allowed to come in safely.  Tooth decay between teeth is easier find with the help of dental images because this area of the tooth is difficult to see. Dental x-rays can identify bone loss due to gum disease or periodontal disease. Finding periodontal disease early can help prevent the need for surgery to correct the gum loss around your teeth.

The dental office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates offers dental x-rays in Cary NC. As part of your overall dental health they use digital x-rays in Cary to keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible.


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