Dentist in Cary, NC Provides Comprehensive Dental Care for Seniors

Aging teeth need constant routine and professional dental care to stay healthy. However, age-related complications can make it difficult for seniors to achieve optimal dental health. In an article for, health and medical reporter Robin Williams Adams discusses the challenges seniors encounter when it comes to receiving proper dental care. Lack of information, costs, and limiting physical conditions are some of factors cited.

Aging Teeth

“Tooth loss doesn’t have to occur as people age, but difficulties in getting proper dental care often does.

Some stem from lack of knowledge, such as thinking you don’t need regular dental care because you have dentures or being unaware dry mouth can cause dental problems. Aging and-or medications can lead to dry mouth.

The Academy of General Dentistry advises senior citizens to floss daily and brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Seniors are at more risk of cavities where old fillings chip or receding gums leave root surfaces unprotected, the academy said at

When people go into nursing homes, they should check on the availability of on-site dental care, the academy recommends.”

During a routine checkup, a dentist in Cary, NC can assess a senior patient’s teeth and gums to identify problems that require urgent attention. Checkups may involve the use of diagnostic equipment like x-rays. Based on the impressions or diagnosis, the dentist will recommend appropriate treatments, such as dentures for missing teeth, medications for gum disease, etc.

The dentist can also address dental problems arising from medical conditions. Cancer treatments, for instance, commonly produce side effects like dry mouth or mouth sores. Diabetes and other chronic ailments, on the other hand, may put seniors at risk of gum disease. Meanwhile, inadequate nutrition or harmful diets may weaken the teeth, accelerate tooth decay, and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Seniors can consult a family dentist in Cary, NC at reputable dental offices like Carlos Privette Dentistry for their specific dental concerns. Aside from providing advice on proper hygienic practices, such a dentist can manage teeth and gum disorders resulting from medical conditions. Whether they require dentures and other treatments, seniors can count on an experienced family dentist to ensure that all aspects of their oral health get the proper attention.

(Source: Aging Teeth: Seniors Sometimes Have Difficulty Getting Proper Dental Care,, May 26, 2014)


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