Free Dental Appointment Transportation in Cary

When you are looking for a new dentist in Cary NC there may be various options to consider. How close is the dentist to your work location or your home. If you hve kids then maybe the location of your kid’s school is important. If you do not have a car and are in need of public transportation that may limit the dental office choices. Cary public transportation schedules may be difficult to match with available dental appointments. Finding a dentist in Cary that offers flexible appointment scheduling to meet or work into your busy schedule is helpful.

The Cary dental office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates has the answer to many of these decisions you have to choose when finding a new dentist. The office offers transportation to and from dental appointments in our company vehicle. You no longer have to depend on public transportation and their schedule to decide when you want to see your dentist.  Setting dental appointments now becomes much easier and you can schedule around your day. This makes the location of the dental office not the primary item in choosing your dentist. The office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates offer flexable scheduling for appointments and has same day dental emergency appointments set aside to handle emergencies as they arise.2010-11-21 03.16.46

If you are in need of a new family dentist in Cary that offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry then consider the dental office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates. Our company vehicle offers free transportation to and from dental appointments and will make our office the perfect destination.


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