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Tooth fillings are normally the path taken to repair teeth that are damaged by tooth decay. There are multiple types of tooth fillings that offer different cosmetic and structural benefits. Teeth are filled to replace areas of the tooth that can no longer function or are starting to decay and need repair to maintain their structural support.

Dentists perform the placement of a filling by first removing the decayed part of the tooth and then cleaning the affected area to prepare for the filling. The desired type of filling is chosen and then filled into the removed tooth area. The tooth that has been filled is then sanded to feel even with the tooth’s surface. The filled tooth is then stronger with the decayed tooth material has been removed.

Fillings for teeth come in multiple materials to match your tooth color or to fit your cosmetic or structural choices.  Gold or silver fillings have been around for years and are still used for strong and lasting filling materials. Composite fillings are a newer approach to allow the filling material to closer match the look of your teeth.Carlos Privette Logo

Gold fillings combine the benefits of the strength of filling and are of little issue to the gum tissues surrounding the tooth. Gold fillings make take multiple visits to install and tend to be a costlier choice for teeth filling.

Silver fillings for years were the most common type of tooth filling material used and a cost effective choice to repair any tooth damage. Silver or Amalgam fillings are more visible and are not normally used in front teeth because of their appearance.

Composite fillings have become the most popular type of tooth filling to be used in the dentistry industry today. Composite resins allow the filling to match the surrounding teeth in color and look and can be used on most teeth even teeth in the front of the mouth.  Composite fillings can normally be done with one dental visit and allow for a natural look from the material. These filling tend to have a shorter wear life but can easily be replaced or repaired.

The office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates, PA can help with tooth fillings in Cary NC. Our dental practice if experienced in using all types of tooth fillings in Cary and offer complete routine, cosmetic and restorative dentistry to patients of all ages.


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