Children’s Dentistry

Brushing_Teeth.jpgChildren’s Dentistry in Cary, NC

With sincere dedication to providing the gentlest care, Cary family dentist Carlos Privette specializes in providing your whole family with a personalized dental experience. Our children’s dentistry practice is committed to helping patients of all ages have the best dental visit possible. Our dentist is highly qualified to care for your entire family—from young children to adults.

When searching for the dental practice right for you and your family, always ask questions like, “What kind of services are offered? How will this office treat my family differently than other dental offices?”

Cary children’s dentistry services offered:

  • New patient exams
  • Dental emergencies
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Root canals and extractions
  • Night Guards
  • X-Rays

It is a common misconception that children do not need to visit the dentist as often as adults, but that is not true. It is just as important to schedule regular check-ups every six months for children as it is for adults. As a child grows, their mouth changes and their permanent teeth start to progress. It is vital to keep a check on these adult teeth as they begin to grow to be sure that they are coming in correctly. Dental check-ups are also a great way to encourage good oral hygiene amongst adolescents.

For all your family dental needs in Cary, North Carolina, contact Carlos Privette Dentistry on 970 Northwoods Drive in Cary, North Carolina. Contact our office directly at 919-465-0799. Dr. Privette and his staff specialize in gentle dentistry for your entire family.



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