Dental Bridges

What is a dental bridge?

Is it the same as a porcelain bridge?

A bridge, also known as a porcelain bridge, is one avenue that you may pursue when trying to find a solution for a missing tooth, or a tooth that you lost through an accident.

Your dentist may have chosen to do a tooth extraction on a badly damaged tooth, and now you have a gap in your smile. To aesthetically improve the look of your smile, as well the function of your teeth, you may opt to have your Cary dentist use a porcelain bridge. A porcelain bridge has advantages over dental implants. Bridges are a cost-conscious way to replace a missing tooth.

Dental bridges are less invasive and less expensive than dental implants. Bridges do not require a metal structure below the tooth. In all, there are many advantages to having your family dentist use a bridge to replace a missing or broken tooth.

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