Professional Fluoride Treatments

Professional Fluoride Treatments in Cary, NC

Why Professional Fluoride Treatments ?

The most effective prevention of tooth decay available is fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that can be absorbed into the tooth and dental experts agree it is one of the most important tools in fighting tooth decay. Professional fluoride treatments act as a barrier to ward off bacteria, thus preventing decay. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, and supplements the fluoride found in drinking water. If you have weakened tooth enamel or teeth, you may benefit from a professional fluoride treatment. Research has shown fluoride’s benefits to your teeth in preventing cavities and tooth decay and sadly the majority of people do not get the optimum amount of fluoride .

Our office provides professional fluoride treatments. Professional fluoride treatments generally take just a few minutes and are a painless way to protect your smile and keep your teeth healthy and sparkling, while promoting long-term oral health benefits.

Contact the Cary office of Dr. Carlos Privette and Associates to inquire about fluoride treatments.



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